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Architecture or Real Estate: Talk Amongst Yourselves

[Image courtesy anArchitecture, via Many Eyes; data culled from TEGoVA, or The European Group of Valuers' Associations.]

Now here's a hot debate: anArchitecture blog broaches the problematic relationship between architecture and real estate with this diagram, drawn up just yesterday with Many Eyes, a system that uses human visual intelligence to find data patterns—"social analysis," as they call it. This interactive chart ultimately tries parse out the statistical differences in how the real estate industry values buildings in comparison to architects' own views. Author Christoph Wassmann writes from Vienna, Austria, and thus his market perspective (and data) is obviously irrelevant to San Francisco. However, his contention that architects often don't consider real estate markets when designing buildings is worth consideration in any country or city. Wassman asks: "Are real estate people underestimating architecture or is it the other way round?" Readers?
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