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Adventures in Urban Blight: Jerry Springer Edition

Violation! Weren't we thrilled when this one popped up on the Curbed SF tipline? Feel our reader's rage (emphasis ours):

Notice the enchanting potted artificial flowers which compliment
the third level balcony which create a momentary distraction from the blight just below ... I would never normally "complain" about someone trying to improve their home but this "site" has looked like this going on four years now. Not only is it on

Portola/Upper Market street where ALL the tour buses drive by to get to the top of Twin Peaks (embarrassing for us all for tourists to see) but it actually brings DOWN the value of our surrounding homes. Our tipster wonders if anyone shares his sentiments, or knows what the hell is going on with this "home improvement" project-gone-awry. So? Let it rip. Have any problem children lurking in your own neighborhood? The tipline is waiting with open arms— we feel you, we really do.