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Freakonomics: Craigslist Does the New York Times

Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, founder and CEO, respectively, of Craigslist recently sat in the hot seat with Stephen J. Dubner, who writes the popular New York Times' "Freakonomics" column. Naturally, the conversation came around to real estate...

Q: Are you taking any steps to prevent real estate agents from killing the value of your site by incessantly posting the same apartments? It’s a huge waste of time to go visit apartments all over the place because crucial information isn’t included in the description, and real estate agents are withholding it just to preserve their stranglehold on the business. CRAIG: We solved that problem in New York City by charging a small fee.

JIM: We’re always open to new ideas. Please drop by our feedback forum.

Has Craig issued a warning to San Francisco? Agents, brokers—especially those who list homes with "the Craig," as we call it—how would you feel about paying to post?
· Here Are the Answers to Your Craigslist Questions Image courtesy the New York Times via Craigslist