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2004 Steiner Street: Candy Shell = Sweet Center?

2004 Steiner St. is a bottom-floor TIC in a Lower Pacific Heights Victorian that was recently made available. The photo of the exterior makes it seem adorable, even down to that cute little tree. But to see if the $1,150,000 asking price is fair and square, you'll have to utilize the magic of lockbox technology. That exterior shot is the only photo currently available.

What the heck? We want photo evidence of the formal dining room, the gas-burning fireplace, the two beds and baths, hardwood floors and, especially, that private deck. At 2,850 square feet, there's some good space here, and $404 per is pretty rare, yeah? Makes us wonder if something isn't quite right. In any case, this is a great part of town to have the one bequeathed parking space. HOA dues will run you $300—hey, maintaining that curb appeal costs bucks.
· 2004 Steiner [Makras Real Estate]
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Single, lonely available photo courtesy of Makras Real Estate