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Desperado: Miami Man Shills Condo by the Share

Wild card! In perhaps the most random marketing ploy we've yet seen, a Miami blogger (Miami Condo Fiasco) is shilling his condo by the "link unit" for $35.50 per share. Link unit? Yes, that kind of link unit—Edmund Gunter's 17 c. chain-based method of land measurement still used by surveyors the land over. Bottom line: $35.50 buys you 62¾ square inches of space. Hey, don't worry—this is a real deal, folks. Proof? Purchasers receive a certificate of ownership (you know, to hang next to the one you bought from the Mensa boutique or, even more likely, on eBay.) Are you sold yet?
· Own a piece of Miami for $35.50 [Miami Condo Fiasco]

[Image courtesy Miami Condo Fiasco]