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Astride The Infinity's Courtyard (and Second Tower)

That sixth-floor apartment at The Infinity that we recently toured afforded an interesting perspective on the work going on across the rest of this new development site. Above, check out the courtyard between the two towers—a courtyard that, if the rendering is to be believed, will become an idyllic lovers' nest, complete with waterfalls, trees, and, er, giant skylights to the swimming pool and fitness center below. And then, of course, there's The Infinity's second tower itself, growing alarmingly quickly, and about which we've scored a touch of fresh intel. Oh, and more photos.

Here's a tasty little schematic showing what's to come in the courtyard.

Close-up view of the skylights designed to let light into the pool area below. (We actually toured the pool and fitness center, which looks spacious and airy and frankly pretty great, but they kindly asked that we not take photos of it. Alas.)

Through a window, darkly, in the first tower, the second tower of The Infinity rises. Our visit was actually a few weeks back, so who knows, maybe they've tacked on another ten stories by now. Let's just be clear: these folks are moving quickly—construction on this one only started in July.

And finally, here's tower two as seen from the 19th floor of the first tower, looking towards the Bay Bridge, obviously. On the intel front, we can tell you that the two towers will be very similar both outside and in. One change: they're likely going to offer different cabinet fixtures in the top six stories of the new tower, a nod to the kind of prices (and tastes) we're looking at up there. Marketing for phase two won't begin until phase one is done, though, so you've got plenty of time to save up.
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