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Greener Than Thou: San Francisco Restaurants To Recycle Grease To Power SUVs

We've been a little proprietary about Greener Than Thou, leaving Eater SF out of the fun. But restaurants, it turns out, are no stranger to the arms race that is going green. Today we present Greener than Thou: The Eater SF Edition. Notice a new green trend while you're dining? No paper waste needed.

2007_10_mixt.jpgDozens upon dozens of San Francisco restaurants embrace—hell, boast—their environment-friendliness. Most make a point to highlight their organic/sustainable/biodynamic fare on the menu while some, like Mixt Greens (pictured, right) strictly abide by the "green building" standards set forth by the USGBC. Those floors at Mixt Greens? That's formaldehyde free plywood, baby.

Eater serves up the green! >>