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Snapped SF: Hallidie Building, Financial District

Snapped SF is a collective photographic essay on San Francisco featuring snaps that capture our fine city—it's also a visual reprieve of sorts (or, in this case, a quick post to make up for the time that Comcast has stolen from our morning.) Today's photog is Flickr user and Curbed SF Flickr group member siduri. Do you shoot and post? Join our ranks— we choose a new photog each and every time.

Willis Polk designed the facade of the Hallidie Building (circa 1917-18) using a sheer glass "curtain wall"— the first example of this style which, as we know all too well, has since come to dominate commercial architecture. San Francisco Historical Landmark no. 37 sits at 130-50 Sutter Street between Montgomery and Kearny Streets. The question remains: do its Gothic details prevent avian crash landings?

Image courtesy Flickr/siduri