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Another Day in the Neighborhood: Blogs Incite Hatred, Love

Neighbors—as people, as a concept, as an internet capsule industry—are taking quite a hit lately, no? Though we've resisted the urge to, say, turn it into a regular feature on Curbed SF, Rotten Neighbor has been on our radar (and others') for some time. Fashioned in the likeness of a typical housing or real estate search site, this interactive map allows one to search for neighbors by zip code, pinpoint their homes on the map, and flame away. Brace. No doubt inspired by the many public search databases already online, Locate People, the latest in twisted blog memes, proffers detailed instructions on how to perform background checks on your neighbors. Tempting. Running counter to all of this, thankfully, is Neighbors Project, a multi-service site that collects local antedotes and aggregates daily neighborhood-based news. Uplifting and useful.
· Neighbors Project [website]
· Rotten Neighbors [website]
· Locate People [website]

Image courtesy Brochures