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CurbedWire: Gimme Shelter

SAN FRANCISCO—Earlier in the day, we gave our two cents on the local media coverage (and response) regarding the city's housing... situation. Another day, another editorial: The Chron's C.W. Nevius has hit the radio circuit, discussing homelessness with Jennifer Friedenbach from the Coalition on Homelessness on this morning's Forum, with Michael Krasny. The SFBG Politics Blog fired off a review of the show and, later in the day, a few more thoughts on the subject. The paper itself also published a related editorial. SFist captured the mood with a priceless title: It's a Motherf------Column-off. Other local news outlets, blogs, and political groups have also responded in kind. This is a just a quick end-of-day roundup; bloggers, feel free to add you link in the comments. In other RE-related news, Wikipedia is moving to San Francisco. Whew!

AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD—This obsession with "the neighborhood" just won't stop! Online selling phenom ebay has launched Neighborhoods, a new social network (and virtual space) that is, as Valleywag assessed, just a mashup of: eBay listings, blogs, eBay Guides, reviews, and updated message boards. Cash up your PayPal accounts, and get ready for the next weekend garage sale.