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Day at a Glance: One San Franciscan's Real Time Remodel

We love a good remodel! As our eyes glazed over while wading through listing after listing of perfectly staged "buy me me ME!" properties, we were thrilled to come across Day at A Glance, the record of one blogger's adventures in home rejuvenation. The dirty little voyeur in us loves following "Flip This," a regular city plebe, tackle the daunting challenge of transforming a space into a bona fide home. With "faded Cuban glamor" as the stated theme of the project, we're loving the day-by-day updates on salvaged chandeliers, sub-code wiring, and domestic debates over paint chips. Oh, the drama! It's not over yet: Though Saturday was move in day, Flipper and company are hell bent on finishing their "super cute apartment," stat. Stay tuned...
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