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CurbedWire: Leather, Love, Spray Paint

All-City—Thought we'd give it until the end of the day to make mention of this past weekend's neighborhood-consuming events, namely the equally ubiquitous Folsom Street Fair and Love Fest. Good times were had by all, evidently; the presence of leather/spandex/glitter/bare skin-clad denizens was much, much greater than an average day in the city. (Oh wait, good times for all except those two people who were shot near Mint Plaza Red Ink Studios on Market and 6th/7th Streets. Get Well Soon, folks.) There was even a counter-event of sorts, featuring a proper Gatsby-esque lawn party.

Pacific Heights—It turns out that priests aren't tagging their own churches after all; reader Daniel sounded the alarm: "i know it seems super poetic but "please" and "dress up" are a tag team duo of newish graf writers in sf." A team made up of clergymen, for sure. [Curbed SF comments]

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Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103