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The Invisible Condo: Marketing Mishaps at 39 Boardman Place

SoMa—Sometimes we come across a property that makes us wonder if its agent truly wants to sell the joint or not. Case in point? 39 Boardman PL #101, a fresh (as in >24 hours fresh) SoMA condo. While described as "staged and ready to go," with "soaring ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows," the property could resemble a basement studio in the Excelsior, for all we know. Why the suspicion, you ask? While the listing raves on about decks, fireplaces, and a tub in the "master suite," it offers no photographic proof that such amenities actually exist. In our more serene moments, we're (sometimes) willing to forgive an absent photo—on a Craigslist posting for a student sublet near UCSF, maybe. But on a new listing? And when the condo last flipped in July for $642K, $4K more than the current asking price of $639K, we must wonder...
· 39 Boardman PL #101 [SF MLS]

Oh, now we get it: Satellite map courtesy Redfin.