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Closing the Gap

Long held out as a bulwark of "big business" and a symbol of the oppression of Southeast Asian laborers who made their clothes, the Gap on Haight Street closed unexpectedly yesterday. Without getting into a discussion of why Amoeba should close because of the enslavement of musicans by record labels, or why leather shoes should be banned, this Gap had long been a thorn in the sides of their snickering counter-culture neighbors for a decade. From a tipster:

The infamous and quite out of place GAP on Haight and Ashbury suddenly closed up shop today. A victory for the neighborhood, I think. They had suffered quite a bit of abuse, from the door being smashed (twice, I think) recently to recent bouts of graffiti. Maybe they just got fed up.Or maybe their lease was up. After a decade, an impeccable exit nonetheless, with windows neatly covered in crisp brown paper and maintenance people cleaning off last night's tagging.