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Mill Valley: The Stench of Poverty

[Image credit: Microsoft Virtual Earth]

Up in lovely Mill Valley, residents of the Eagle Rock neighborhood have their talons out for Habitat for Humanity. Apparently the famously liberal politics of Marin will only stretch so far, and they're fighting a developer's proposal to build affordable housing (partnering with Habitat for Humanity) along with the market-rate homes:

Habitat for Humanity goes into blighted neighborhoods and fixes them up. Here they are going into an enhanced neighborhood and blighting it," said Bill Duane, a 58-year-old resident of Bay Vista Drive, near the proposed site. "I'm not against low-cost housing, but this is social engineering. The county does not have the right to choose my neighbors."Actually, it's a pretty crappy neighborhood (above) already overbuilt. Just expensive. Mr. Duane wants the county to buy the land and preserve it as open space, thus allowing him to chose his neighbors, the fifty or so presumably upscale and well-groomed animal species that already inhabit the property.
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