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Curbed Word of the Day: Churning

So much for the world-ending, planet-crushing demise of public access to the San Francisco MLS. It was supposed to happen today. Perhaps it's one of those any-minute-now things, or maybe it turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

Speaking of pumpkins, one of our friendly mice/coachmen sent us a tip about churning. It's not about butter. A new word to us (but part of the secret lingo of realtors) we just think of it as re-listing as new. A listing isn't doing well, or its time on the MLS has expired. The agent re-lists the property as new to the market. Originally the agent had to wait 14 days before re-listing as new; from now on, 30 days is required. So nice to know. Churning. Not listed in Real Estate Words.
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