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Open House Trifecta

It's open house season again. The holidays are over, even though there may still be football. Realtors have convinced people that there's never been a better time to sell and will do your best to convince you it's a buyers market. We trolled though Movoto's upgraded open house listings and came away with:

16 Bache Street: This picture made our eyes itch. Consider moving out and getting the place staged. It's going to take a lot to see past this, especially if you're allergic to cats and hate lavender. On the other hand, it may have been staged for the multiple-feline and pastel crowd in mind, and not us. One bath, two bedrooms, two car garage for $779K in Bernal Heights.
· 16 Bache Street [Makras via Movoto]

2391 Filbert Street: Needs a garage. Add 100K. New kitchen and baths. Add 240K. Paint, 15K. Heat, water and electric upgrades 30K. Time for permits, planning, construction, the perfect out-of-stock handpainted powder room sink: minimum 16 months. Which may be why a five bedroom duplex flat is under $1.6M in Cow Hollow, looking like the home of your mad, dead aunt in Cambridge, MA.
· 2391 Filbert Street [Carol Luckenbach, TRI/CB via Movoto]

4140 20th Street: Looking for multiple bids, no doubt, with an asking price of $1.095M. Full floor Victorian flat on a corner view lot just above the Castro. Unless they really fucked up the renovation, one of the best new listings on the market.
· 4140 20th Street [Mitchell Hoyle, Herth via Movoto]