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Curbed SF: Win Some, Lose Some

2626 Hyde: Asked $2,250,000, got $1,831,500. An historic and classic Russian Hill cottage once owned by Thomas Church, the Bay Area modernist landscape architect. Includes a garden by Church, completely charming, rambling floor plan, views.
· Thomas Church [John McGarry]

300 Sea Cliff: Back on the market. Again. Give it a rest, nobody cares anymore. besides you raised the price $2.4M.
· 300 Sea Cliff [Alain Pinel]
· The 1400 Days of 300 Sea Cliff [Curbed SF]

1800 Gough: New listing, new agent, new price of $4,750,000, or $1.1M less than last year. Neal Ward at McGuire wrestled it out of the hands of Annaluz Hollaway at Sotheby's after it was "withdrawn for the holidays." The best thing about this apartment is that after it was renovated, the owners never moved in. So if you show up that open house this Sunday, don't expect to find closets full of couture in this slice of penthouse heaven.
· 1800 Gough [Neal Ward, McGuire]
· Stairway to Heaven [Curbed SF]