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Glen Park, Nessun Dorma

Although "only three homes left!" at the Glen Park Market Place and library project, the market's still boarded up and there's no sign of librarians anywhere. The market at least has light fixtures, and they look like they may be up and fully running by Thanksgiving, which along with Christmas is one of the two weeks that matter in the retail food business. A month or three late is no big deal when one considers that the fire that consumed the original building was almost eight yaers ago. The library, however, just looks sad and abandoned, like the rest of downtown Glen Park.

Ernest Born's Glen Park BART station, however, is looking really good these days. Possibly the most idiosyncratic BART station of them all, it's a big poured-concrete box with a skylight, ready for double duty as both a public transit hub and the set of Turandot. Slightly divorced from the rest of Glen Park's charmless urban jumble, it's a classic of California Brutalism.
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