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SF Inspires LA With New Mall, Hmm

[Photo via TristanT's photostream, thanks TristanT!]

Yes, we like the glitter. We somehow are not annoyed by the Westfield referring to all of SF as "Foodies and Fashionistas." Although we weren't waiting in line at 4:30am for Bloomies to open, we did fake a doctor's appointment to check it all out and buy fancy things that we totally needed. The fact that the mall is a 9-storey structure didn't seem that innovative, since the original mall in that location was the same and built in the late 80's, but LA is all over it. The LA Times has an article about how our new mall on Market Street, basicallly because it's tall, could revolutionize malls, and change the mall culture of LA. Gavin's comment that "he was also looking forward to the 25 million visitors the mall... and the estimated $18 million it should contribute to the city's general fund through taxes," probably influenced the drooling. Maybe it's just us, but perhaps SF's density, committment to urbanism, accessibility, and public transit should be more of an inspiration...
· San Francisco Mall May Supply Concept for L.A [LA Times]