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BAM/PFA Chooses Architect

This just in, UC's Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive announced today that they have selected Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects to design a new "center for the visual arts" on the corner of Oxford and Center, in downtown Berkeley. This will be Ito's first project in the U.S., and BAM/PFA Director Kevin E. Consey was quoted as saying "The firm was chosen for its robust and imaginative body of work, that balances poetry and elegance of design with proven constructability and innovative use of technology." Also, the project will be a LEED certified green building. We wait for drawings with baited breath. Anyone have any sketches or spy cam shots of a model?
· Project News [BAM/PFA]

[Update: We erred, there is no possibility of a model b/c this was just a search for quals, not an actual proposal... Still, there must be a sketch on a napkin somewhere, no?]