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2901 Broadway Update!

Last week we brought your attention to 2901 Broadway, the four story, seven bedroom, curio room inclusive home without an asking price. This week, we bring you updated information about the apparently not-so-awesome estate. From an anonymous tipster:
"The owners & real estate team hosted charity benefit gala events 9/15 & 9/16 to showcase the property to potential buyers. The events were called 'an Evening to Remember' and featured opera singer Barbara Payha on Friday and the High Society Orchestra on Sat. Tickets started at $1,000 a pop... A couple of things - the house itself isn't actually that large... there's 2 floors (3 counting the garage) of dark offices & maids quarters before you get to the top 2 floors of living space. 2nd, the bedrooms are surprisingly small. 3rd, you'll notice there are no pictures of bathrooms and the kitchen - that's because they're horribly out of date! linoleum! cracked tiles! orange counter tops! The home has been in the same family since the 40s and they've done very little to keep it up. It was painted & staged before the event ('natch) to make it more appealing... Oh - and they got a $40 mil offer at the event - don't know from whom, and don't think they accepted." Did you get that? Linoleum, cracked tiles, AND orange counter tops! Worst. Kitchen. Ever?
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