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Tipster Week

Here ye, here ye, this week is now hereby named "Tipster Week." The week will be full of rumblings, bumblings, complaints, comments, photos, and topics suggested by you, the dear reader. That means you should start emailing us now. No, really, now.

Our best stuff typically comes directly from readers like you, and now we would like to extend an invite to the far and wide: if you've never sent us a tip before (or even if you have), drop an email to and let us know about what's happening in your neighborhood. No observation is too small or too ridiculous; anonymity assured. We also really like digital photos, have we mentioned that? You send us tips, stories, suggestions, questions, and we'll run with the good stuff. If we could hug you we would (but not one of those Berkeley "breathe with me" hugs, and no face-touching).