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Haighters on Haight

[Photo via Ed Ester's Flickr Photostream]

Haight Asbury has changed since the Summer of Love, 40 years ago this year. We know this because although you can still buy just about any drug from anyone hanging around Hippy Hill in GG park, you can also buy $400 fashion sneakers, Gap jeans, American Apparel leotards, and as many no-fat-vanilla-skim-lattes you want on Haight Street. One of the main constants of the Haight are the many, many street kids. SFWeekly just published an article about how residents of the Haight, in their "beautiful Victorians [that] sell for more than $1 million," want the young tweakers out. This is all interesting and we could ponder class wars and ageism and drugs until next year's Burning Man, but in the meantime, we'll leave you with our favorite quote from "Lilac," a quick-talking, blond dreadlocked, startling blue-eyed street kid who hasn't slept in three days:

'I heard some of the opera. I started playing tapes over it,' says Lilac. 'I mean, I like opera. I'll listen to the symphony, or go to some Shakespeare in the Park, but I've got to be in the right mood. That's for when you're hanging out with a girl, drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers. Not when we're sitting around smoking bowls and trying to sell some bud. You know what I'm saying? Not when it's in my day-to-day. And this is our living space — Golden Gate Park is ours," he goes on. "It would be like if someone walked into your house and started singing opera.'· Whose Haight? [SFWeekly]