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Rumblings and Bumblings: Vacant Lot Edition

One answer, two questions, submitted by you, the actual readers, below. If you've know the inside scoop, have another development question, or want to send us a sweet digital photograph, send us a line at

1) Noe Valley: 332 Valley Road (another deconstruction photo above) has permits to erect a 3 story 2 unit dwelling... no word on what this new structure will look or taste like.
2) The Mission: Readers want to know what's up with the neglected and/or vacant properties along 18th Street, specifically the "strange half-built condo-ish building on the corner of Mission and 18th? They dug the foundation and poured the concrete base... then promptly built out the wood skeleton on floors two and three, before tearing the third floor off and stopping work all together."
3) More Mission: 18th and Shotwell, we were told something was going up on the now empty site, but "now it's more a headquarters for pimps and hos." Anyone know what's supposed to be developed, assuming it's not zoned for pimps?