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Pacific Heights Priceless

Ladies and Gentleman (and since we're in SF, anyone else that identifies with the letters LGBTQRSTUV), we would like to introduce you to the finest floor plan porn available. 2901 Broadway is up for grabs, but the price is unknown to the public. Local blog SFluxe featured the Pac Heights mansion, and well, they had us at "dramatic curved drive graces the east portico of this palace." Most used adjectives by the realtors: breathtaking, magnificent, grande, expansive, graceful, massive. We're not sure if all of that equals $75 million, but we are thrilled that this home features a "Curio Room" that used to house the original owner's "extensive oological collection." That just rocks.

Details: four-story home, seven bedrooms, 6.5 baths, living room, music room, dining room, breakfast room, butler's pantry, library, office, home theater, kitchenette, laundry room, staff quarters, storage rooms, two fireplaces, an elevator (original), and what might be Pacific Heights' only private tennis court. We spent way too much time on the virtual tour, but we still couldn't find "rosebud."
· 2901 Broadway Street [Pacific Union]
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