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Zillow, A Team Player

From Curbed NY, we learn that according to Zillow's latest blog, property owners can now participate in the Zillowing by adding their own estimates alongside the official Zestimate. This is good because so often Zillow is like, totally, wrong. The only issue we foresee is that pretty much anyone can update info for any property- in order to confirm your identity as the owner you have to play a game of choosing your correct name. And since everyone in SF googles and generally internet stalks everyone else, it seems inevitable that some will get on PropertyShark or LexisNexis or whatever and get any name tootsweet. If you notice anything fishy, let us know. Anyways, here's the scoop from Zillow's CEO Rich Barton:

In my case the public records say that my house has 2.25 bathrooms, when there are really 3.5. Zillow now presents my facts side-by-side with the public record facts. Additionally, I was able publish My Estimate of my home’s value letting any prospective buyers know that we remodeled 2 bathrooms, added a home office and a laundry room, and did a basement remodel including a wine cellar.

And, now we all know.

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