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More Allison Arieff

[Photo Credit: The New York Times]

Allison Arieff was Editor of Dwell Magazine for six years. She's moved on to a "blog" on design for the New York Times, and this past Sunday she wrote about one of her favorite places, her neighborhood, Glen Park:

I’ve spent the last six years writing about modern architecture, and modern is still the vernacular I covet for my dream home. But having traveled to neighborhoods all over the country, from Milwaukee to Louisville, Fayetteville to Portland, Ore., what I’ve come to realize is that what makes a neighborhood a neighborhood is evidence of continual evolution and reinvention. Old houses, brand new ones and all those in between merge in a balance of past, present and future that makes a place feel vital. (This mix also helps guarantee a diversity of ages, ethnicities, income levels and backgrounds.) One architectural era isn’t necessarily better or worse than another — it’s the mixture of ingredients that makes a delectable dish.
Well said, and very nice that now she's rationed to us weekly rather than monthly.
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