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Listing Magic: Free-Range Organic McMansion in Marin

So you know you want a really swell house. You can afford it. You just don't want a McMansion because you've heard the preppie guys at the hedge fund mock them. No sprayed-on stucco and sparkly chandeliers for you, you're looking for something more along the lines of a DB Burger. Made with Kobe beef, or better yet, seasonal grass-fed organic beef from Magruder Ranch in Sonoma. But hold the foie gras- this one's in Marin County: $27,000,000 worth of rammed earth construction and probably the largest "green" house built in this country. Complete with water park.

Adding injury to insult, it's billed as the "Former Bill Graham Estate." Former meaning they demolished his house and built this one, technically making it the "Former Bill Graham Lot" and presumably fair-using his name. We suspect it looked better in the drawings. [Thanks, Anthony! -Ed.]
· DB Burger [Daniel Boulud]
· The Former Bill Graham Estate [Tiburon Land Company]