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Trinity Plaza, So Near, So Far

[Photo Credit: SF Chronicle/Darryl Bush 2004]

It was the usual San Francisco redevelopment lovefest: long and hard. After three years of negotiation and wrangling, the Trinity Plaza project was brought before the Planning Commission, which approved it. Sort of, replacing the boomerang-shaped former motel (above) with 1900 rental units designed by Arquitectonica. Commissioners tied 3-3 on the ever-contentious issue of commercial parking spaces, sending it on to the Supes to decide. The meeting went on for more than four hours, and included stunts like Supervisor Sophie Maxwell sending in a protest letter over the number of affordable units, which no doubt she'll try to leverage with parking sometime in the future. So it's not over yet, although a lot of patting on backs seems to have taken place. We'll be dead before this thing gets built.
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