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What is it about the word "Approximate" you don't understand?

Somebody, somewhere is always misrepresenting the size of their unit, especially when dating online. But today's case of how big is it? or did you use a wide angle lens on that thing? is taking place at The Beacon, the really big white condo complex across the street from that ginormous ballpark.

As investor-owned units go unsold at the huge luxury project, the most logical step for the disgruntled owners is go back and extract some value from the developer, in this case, disputing actual square footage. Disputes over square footage are supposed to take place before escrow closes. Not when you find the market has tanked and you can't unload. But hey, it's worth a try. Will salespeople be forced to disgorge massive commissions based on square footage?

There are currently 19 units at The Beacon listed on the MLS. One wonders what square footage formula the sellers are using.
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