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Where Are They Now? Slow August

Curbed SF was down overnight, though we were cheered by the news that yet again, the Curbed Team was honored for it's commitment to excellence in architectural criticism.

Yes, a slow month indeed, so we're following the lead at Socketsite with a look over some properties in that "where are they now" way.

301 Bryant Street: Two units that went unsold have been reduced and relisted as new. #101 is relisted at $959K (132 days) and #704 is at $925K (104 days.) We still don't believe that #103 sold for $1150K (ups and downs since 12/05.) But we'll roll that mossy stone over when more info is available.

68 Fair Oaks: lovely but off the market after taking $256K off the top and just shy of 100 days sitting on the market. We expect it to rise to the surface, somewhere, soon. Fair Oaks is a lovely street but it may be just a tad too close to the Mission for over three big ones.
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