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(Bath) Room With a View

For $2,479,000 in Noe Valley, you get new construction, four bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a two car garage, plus what looks like a master bath with views. The living room seems to have the widescreen HDTV planned in advance. That's really the first question: where's the TV going to go? Six days on the market, open Sunday 8/6.

Context? Fairly classic bay over garage, stoop and setbacks, which should age nicely into the streetscape (hang on! we have yet to do a drive-by.) By architect Mark Brand, who's website is fun to visit, especially with the sound turned up, but ultimately disappointing because it never actually turns into a game. Maybe we didn't spend enough time with it. Architects do love their Flash.
· 4381 26th Street [James Nunemacher, Vanguard]
· Mark Brand [Mark Brand Architecture]