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Muni, BART, Signage, Etc

As much as we bitch about Muni (and that's a lot), we still sort of love it. Not only because it actually gets us from place to place eventually, but mostly for the people we meet on the bus. Where else in SF are scenesters from every nabe forced to sit next to each other and gaze into the eyes of a [definitely not hipster] homeless woman dressed as a geisha knitting a four-armed sweater? Anyways, SF CITYSCAPE, one of our most favorito local blogs, has embarked on The Wayfinding Project for our beloved public transit systems. Wayfinding means signs and maps and stuff. Although described as "quick and dirty," they're also simple, necessary, and might bring tears to the eyes of all the newbie haight street kids.

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· The Wayfinding Project [San Francisco CITYSCAPE]