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Listings Magic: Playing Catch-Up

We heard from a reliable source that One Ashbury Terrace did not sell for the asking price of $2,395,00. It sold for $2,700,000. Again proving that the really good stuff sells at a premium. And that we erred- we prefer "was misinformed"- there was no back-up offer. It was refused.

301 Bryant #103 sold for $1,105,000 after seven months on the market, down 45K from the most recent of many asking prices. A great condo building where most units for sale this year have sold well under asking or been withdrawn from the market. In a few months they may be back to the mid- to high- $800's they sold for at the end of the previous century

2461 Hyde Street? Now $1,995,000 Down $55K for a total reduction of $255K. Another outstanding, historic building. A stock cooperative, it may just be too close to those idiots driving down Lombard Street a few yards away.

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