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Atypical Eichlers

The 60's Geneva Terrace houses- in either Visitacion Valley or Balboa Heights, depending on your point of view- are two-story attached brick townhouses designed by Claude Oakland and built by the Eichler Brothers as middle-class housing. They're unlike anything Eichler built before or after, or anything else in the Bay Area: austere brick facades with a rhythm of repeated, deep-set, arched french doors on the second story matching the openings on the first, with white trim and black iron juliet balconies. Three of them are currently on the market:

168 Garrison Avenue was $525K, now down to 490K, 66 days on the market. Windows replaced, bars added.
174 Garrison Avenue at $499K, 22 days on the market. It lacks original windows and wow, does appear to have been fully fortified.
44 Burr Avenue above, at $499,995.00 and one month on the market. Has original window details
· 174 Garrison Avenue [ERA Golden Gate via MLS]
· 168 Garrison Avenue [Westlake RE]
· 44 Burr Avenue [Help-U-Sell Best Choice via MLS]