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Walk Away with a Flat Screen TV

In an effort to speed sales along at The Beacon, the project's exclusive handlers, The Mark Company emailed this promotion to San Francisco realtors last week. Tipped by a realtor of our acquaintance, bold text by us:

$2,500 JULY REFERRAL BONUS! We appreciate the tremendous participation and support we've been receiving from the brokerage community. To show our gratitude, The Beacon is offering a $2,500 Best Buy Gift Card in addition to our standard 2.5% broker commission fee. Bring in a prospect and walk away with a new flat-screen TV!
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Gift Card is awarded to Brokers that bring in new homebuyers who later sign a ratified contract in July 2006 only. The Broker must accompany prospect during their first visit to earn the gift card. The gift card will be distributed upon the close of escrow.
Please contact the Sales Center for details. THANK YOU FOR REFERRING THE BEACON! 266 King Street San Francisco, CA 94107

The Beacon, finished in 2003, remains "almost fully sold." No word on what happens if the client makes an offer for the less than asking price. Although we're thinking 2.5% plus the $26.99 DVD player from Walmart.
· The Beacon
· The Mark Company