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[Image, Google Maps]

From our non-identical twin in Los Angeles, Curbed LA, comes news of visual chaos at Google's offices in Mountain View in Metropolis Magazine. And what else did Metropolis find at Google?

"everywhere people are sipping on fresh coconuts punched with straws"

Along with the expected mix of openness and control. Google hired Clive Wilkinson to redesign the world headquarters: The Googleplex. The company takes over discarded structures in Silicon Valley, in this case one previously occupied by Silicon Graphics, and struggles to incorporate Google's culture into the re-design. And while the results may be fresh and radical in many respects, that Google is developing an interior design iconography also tells us they're maturing as a company. Banks once always looked like Greek temples, IBM once had a strict dress code, MacDonald's had arches. Google has fresh coconuts, and it's no joke.
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