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Linkages, Barely

It's pretty quiet around here, post holiday. Not even the intrepid Socketsite has posted (yet.) About the best we can offer is the always-good-for-a-laugh Yves Droppings.

We got a big wet one from Kasey Clark at 7X7 this week as part of their blog coverage. It's a great piece, and we're flattered. Good stuff, mentioning the other RE blogs as well, but they left out our Alison, plus we'd never confuse Palladian with Spanish. Sadly, not available online, but 7X7 is free.

We keep hearing that One Rincon Hill, having almost sold out, did so without the participation of any realtors acting as buyer's agents, despite the developer's very public invitation of broker participation. Their flack says "over a hundred" but the gossips are saying "none!" We're just curious- the ORH team did an amazing job of bringing this project to market- so we're believing their PR person.

Oh, and 3032 Divisidero went into escrow after an unbelievably long... two weeks. Or it may have been ten days. The lesson being that great stuff still sells quickly.