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You'll never park in this town again

[Image credit:Barely Connected]

From our public transport gurus at SF Cityscape, the brilliant BART/Google Maps mashhup:

Jeffrey W. Baker gets right to the point: "I was inspired to write this page by the maddening maze of BART's official website. I don't need a trip planner, or to read that agency's latest press release. All I need to know are: 1. When is the train coming? 2. Where is the train going? 3. Where is the station?"Via the Chronicle, which never saw a parking space it didn't like and already sowing panic among holiday shoppers:Latricia Gomez lives in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood and recently drove downtown with her husband and son for lunch. She didn't have any problem finding a spot, parking her car on the fourth floor of the city's Fifth and Mission garage. But she said parking lots and garages are starting to fill faster and more often. "They better build more parking,'' she said, "because things are only going to get worse.''Maybe someday she'll take the Third Street Light Rail.
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