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Ronstadt Back, Complaining About Real Estate

Did you know Linda Ronstadt left SF, lived in Tucson, and is now back? We didn't either. The Chronicle just interviewed her about a new tour or whatever, and she's not pleased about our real estate market:

"She keeps looking for properties around Laurel Heights that might be roomier, at least have a small plot of garden, but real estate prices in that neighborhood have gone through the stratosphere since she moved out more than 15 years ago. And she's a single, working mother with two kids in private school."Okay, seriously, Chron, are we supposed to feel sorry for Linda Ronstadt because she sold her lavender Pacific Heights mansion that had seven bedrooms, an au pair suite, home office, stained glass windows and a dumbwaiter, for almost $6 million in the 80's and is now living across the street from her old house... gazing at it longingly every day from her sunny "third-floor living room with the Golden Gate Bridge outside her window?" We're generally bitter, but please, this is putting us over the edge.
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