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Rumblings & Bumblings: Libraries Are So Hot Right Now

A recap of how this works: you send questions, concerns, photos, ransom notes, etc, to we respond. It's so easy! Let us help you help us.

1) Glen Park: You wanted more, and there's more! The SF Public Library Commission voted yesterday to allocate more money for renovating the Glen Park library and the Western Addition library. Seems that the previous estimated costs are about $1.6M too low (maybe the library wants to give out booties, too).

2) Oakland: You wanted to know what's going on with the abandoned Kaiser Convention Center... and so did we. Turns out Oakland is considering converting the shuttered auditorium into a new, possibly extremely awesome main library. Either that or the "West Coast World Trade Showcase Center." We have a thing for libraries, but Oakland could use some revenue; we'll keep you updated. In the meantime read more about it here and here. And check out the "glorious" skylit hall rendering via Oakland Public Library.