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This Should Be Exciting But it's Not

It's been a slow month real estate-wise, but here's our recap. If you really want numbers from June and charts, go here but somehow, Kelly, they seem irrelevant. We're thinking the numbers need to get recast in terms of inventory (although someone else will have to figure out how.) But because we're all about bullets today:

�Inventory is up. It's possible to get a grasp of how far is "up" for single family homes- go to the MLS. It's not possible for the secretive new-condo market. We're waiting to hear "buyer's market" crop up in randomly overheard conversations on the N.

�Rents are up, which some people like to tie the sales market. Rents are up because no one's replenished the market with new rental units- it's been all about developing new condos and their idiot cousin, the TIC.

�Fewer properties receive multiple bids, time on the market is increasing, more price adjustments downwards. We all know that by now. Good stuff still sells fast, but the luxury market- handbags, travel, automobiles- has been booming anyway.

�People used to sleep on sidewalks waiting for condo sales offices to open. Now we get invited to parties and are served alcoholic beverages, here and there.
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