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Skirting the the Border between Whatever and Irrelevance

Photo Credit; Richard hartog/LAT

Via our sister/daughter/sister site Curbed LA comes news of what San Franciscans narrowly avoided by chasing Rem Koolhaas and his Union Square Prada store out of town on a redwood balustrade: a retrospective exhibition of skirts by Miuccia Prada. From the LA Times:

"Waist Down" also makes viewers consider how the body below the waist is a zone of political, social and artistic conflict. The precipitous ups and downs of hemlines over the 18 years of fashion presented here illustrate the skirt's role as a social barometer. As such an object of femininity, the skirt seduces, flirts and labels. Each of those qualities is cleverly illustrated, sometimes with an adapted windshield wiper. We applaud the constant reinvention of retail and skirt chasing, especially accompanied by free alcohol and shrimp.
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