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San Quentin Makeover?

[Photo Credit:Seamusfurr via Flickr]

Luxury project contractor/blogger Ted Horton puts forth a researched, well-considered proposal for the redevelopment of San Quentin. There's 275 Marin County view acres on the Bay, and lots of people in Marin would like to see the prison move elsewhere, to be replaced with housing, recreational facilities and mixed-use projects. With over 600 Death Row inmates, including ever-innocent Scott Peterson (we're sure Amber did it) along with other mere felons, conditions at the outdated and crumbling prison are allegedly bordering on the inhumane.
Researched and well-considered is code for long so plan on devoting your afternoon latte to Ted's post. Unfortunately no word on whether the new non-felonious residents will have to wear orange jumpsuits or modified bull gear.
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