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Modern Homes for Modern Chickens

[Image Credit: Omlet]

We're all about sustainable local agriculture here at Curbed SF, and we've been in love with the Eglu since it was first manufactured in Great Britain about four years ago. It's now available online in the US from- now hang in there- Omlet for $760.00, which includes two chickens. While that's the equivalent of 126 dozen eggs at $6.00 per from Three Wise Hens or Marin Sun, these girls will be in the backyard, ready to be gathered in your jammies. slippers and with that first cigarette of the day dangling from your lips. When they stop laying, you can stage henfights.

Website includes lots of handy info on chicken varieties, like Araucana and Rhode Island Reds, and each Eglu comes with instructions on how to raise and care for your birds. Yes, chickens are legal in San Francisco, although there seems to be some question about roosters. Go figure. We're naming ours Lucy, Ethel, and Fred.
· Eglus [Omlet]