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Union Shops

We still get queries from readers wondering what's up with the alleged Whole Foods project, including "My boyfriend lives next door. Will he be evicted?"

Frankly, we have no idea about your boyfriends, but from yesterday's BeyondChron, an unintentionally funny article about how the proposed mixed-use project at Haight and Stanyan presents a "historic opportunity" to coerce the anti-union Whole Foods into employing union workers:

The closure of 37 Bay Area Albertson supermarkets, coupled with the closures of Cala Foods and Bell Markets, represents a dramatic loss of middle-class blue-collar jobs.... Unionized full-service markets... lost business to farmers markets, chicken, fish, and meat specialty stores, and to produce businesses like Berkeley’s family-run Monterey Market. Yes, and that's just one reason why people move to San Francisco. Unionized supermarkets are the handmaidens of agribusiness and GMO foods, and they've been wiping out small family-owned establishments for decades. Got more for us? Send us a tip. At this point we don't believe that Whole Foods is even involved. They usually look for better resident demographics than the city's largest homeless and drug dealing communities.
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