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This Week at The Beacon, Day Two

Today at The Beacon we're in unit #661, on the market for $529,000. It's listed as a "one-bedroom," described as a "junior one-bedroom" but otherwise appears closer to the species known as "alcove studio." Is this a below-market-rate unit that someone's trying to flip? That may just be the staging- they've pulled out all the stops to make it look like a teenage boy lives there. We think the ironing board is a brilliant touch, and hope you'll enjoy the virtual tour as much as we did. But hey, it's only been on the market three weeks., and we applaud their optimism.

In other news, #665 just down the hall (a two-bedroom two-bath unit) went into escrow recently at its asking price of $755,000. Time on the market? 395 days.

Looks like Socketsite may be joining us this week, Beacon-wise. See you at the pool, guys!
· 260 King Street, #661 [MLS]
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