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More Flat Screens at The Beacon

Looks like it's The Beacon Week at Curbed SF. We're only covering resales from the MLS, of which there are currently eighteen. The rest of the available units are safely tucked away in some sales office gulag.

We offer the craptastic #369 at $499,000.00, described as a "junior one bedroom" which translates to one room with an inexplicable dwarf partition rising up out of the floor, perhaps designed to differentiate the living room from the extremely junior bedroom. The kitchen's up against one wall and the bathroom appears to be fully enclosed. We especially love the "pets no size limit" bit in the realtor's description, but no word if the flat screen TV is included. Now in the "final price reduction" stage.

Sorry, for just shy of half a million dollars, we'd commute from Sacramento.

Tomorrow, #471. More dwarf partition, plus a column to spice things up. Or maybe #661, because we swear it's a BMR unit someone's trying to flip.
· 260 King Street, #369 [MLS]