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Don't Park Near Bi-Rite

We lurve street signage, and we are thrilled that Nikki Gun posted this no parking sign that was up outside of Bi-Rite Market. Although it's usually the SF style to put nasty hand scrawled notes tucked neatly under driveway-blocking cars' windshield wipers, we really appreciate the effort that went into this sign. And, we're pretty sure that soon enough we'll start seeing these words screenprinted on hoodies, because that's just the way the Mission rolls.

In case you can't read it, the text:
"Do Not Park Here. The wrath of the ancients will fall upon your head. Your shoelaces will not stay tied. Rabid squirreles will invade your home. Food in your refrigerator will mysteriously spoil. Your vehicle will start making that expensive knocking sound again and no-one will talk to you at parties. You will also seriously piss off the bitch who paid good money for this garage and nobody wants that."
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